Student Owned Computer: Printing to school copiers: 10.5 OS X Leopard




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    Woah Elliot... thanks for following through on this. I thought you might have forgotten because you were MIA for the appt we made last time. ;)


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    Paul Olson

    1. Link broken - Referral Denied (hand type into student's laptop)

    2. In OS X 10.6 go to System Preferences under Login Options - Network Account Server ""

    5. Log-in as "diradmin" to WGM

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    Thanks for sharing this Elliot..

    It's very informative..


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    Thanks for the info ..  Karthick from

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    Michael Denkinson

    How about intalling it to your pc? What are the steps? Or it is not supported by Windows?

    Mike @

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